fotofoto Gallery

July 2012

‘to see the forest for the trees’: (idiomatic) To discern an overall pattern from a mass of detail; to see the big picture, or the broader, more general situation.

The term bare trees infers something missing or incomplete, however, it was my fascination with the organic, gestural and figurative qualities of these graceful limbs that led me to pursue this series of photographs. Throughout the winter months I was mesmerized by the delicate calligraphic lines of the cluster of trees in The Conversation. Now covered in foliage that exquisite detail is masked. These ethereal images of bare trees were captured primarily in the serene Caumsett State Park in Loyd Harbor and other scenic Long Island locales. Light plays an integral role in the images, which bypass our cognitive recognition of trees and transport us into the realm of sensation and gesture. These awe-inspiring enclaves of nature beckoned for more than a literal interpretation. Soft focus allowed me to mask the detail and unveil the emotion. The resulting images have a painterly quality and ask you to see the forest for the trees.

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